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Pool Fencing

PoolSide is a technical product that includes all compliance documentation.  It can be built with bars (shown) or screen infill.

Cool off and Relax with Peace of Mind

Enjoy endless relaxation by the pool, with a PoolSide pool fence that keeps your worries away.

Our secure PoolSide pool fencing keeps you and your family safe around the pool.

Our stylish PoolSide pool fencing looks great around your pool and can also be utilised as a decorative separation element in your garden.

Our framed modular panel design means that there are no intermediate rails, foot holds or gaps to climb.

We offer a wide range of colours to suit any home, pool and garden design.

Pool Fencing Showcase

A nice selection of our pool fencing, to give you some inspiration and ideas on what can be done

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Key Design Features

Always in Style

The COLORSTEEL® material gives the fence a timeless look that will not date your property.

Extra Strength when Needed

Our heavy duty variants of our pool fencing, barriers and boundaries are useful for front boundaries, and childcare situations as well as barriers. The extra strength in the vertical bars and posts gives that added protection against rough treatment.

Security & Safety

The framed modular panel design system means that there are no intermediate rails, no foot holds or gaps, helping to keep your children and pets in, and intruders and animals out.

Low Maintenance

We know that time is money and leisure time is extremely valuable, so it makes perfect sense to fence with Moduline®. The low maintenance and long lasting properties of our COLORSTEEL® fences save hours of back breaking labour over their long life. Moduline® fencing complements all the other low maintenance building materials we use around our homes to improve the quality of our lifestyles.

Managing Challenging Contours

Our fencing easily rakes to follow the contour of sloped properties. The unique design feature allows the posts and panels to remain vertical but the rails follow the ground slope which means that there are no large gaps under the fence to allow animals to get in or out. The standard fence panels can rack up to a 300mm fall over 2.4 metres. Steeper slopes and steps can be accommodated with on site trimming.

Durability, life, warranty

Moduline® fencing is manufactured in New Zealand from COLORSTEEL®, a proven product of New Zealand Steel. Moduline® fencing is available in a choice of colours specially selected to blend in with the environment. The finished fence is very pleasing to the eye and brings to you the long lasting, low maintenance features that are associated with COLORSTEEL®.

It is resistant to wind and weather. Our materials use advanced technology for a baked on paint finish. High tensile steel components in galvanised or ZINCALUME® protected against corrosion. It won’t warp, twist or rot, nor will the paint crack, chip and peel. Specially designed for New Zealand conditions. Carries the COLORSTEEL® warranty.

Best in the Business

Our company has been around for over 40 years, so it's safe to say that no one knows how to fence like we do. To find out more about Moduline® and our story, visit the about section

Colour Selection

Our fencing comes in the standard colours in the table below. These colours have been chosen because they go well with the environment.

We can also powder coat our fences to match your colour preference. If your fence will be near the sea, talk to us about the best materials and colours.


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