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Material Cost Comparison

Do you think that wooden fencing is cheaper?  Well, this may be true for just your initial installation, but it's also true that the maintenance costs for wooden fencing are significantly higher than maintenance costs for non wooden fencing materials, and they require replacement sooner.  With the longest warranty on the market, Moduline fencing made from NZ Steel's COLORSTEEL gives the smallest maintenance and longest lifetime to replacement of all materials.  (Wooden fencing doesn't come with a warranty per se, so we have estimated the life to replacement.)  Our calculations below show how this plays out over time.

Cost comparison for a 30m 1.8 high fence over 40 years Wooden Wooden Aluminium Colorsteel
Source Woodmart paling fence web equivalent Moduline
Quality average high high high
Install cost - new fence
Fence product 2,452 3,000 3,100 3,660
Delivery 300 incl. incl. incl.
Paint 204 204 n/a n/a
Labour 180 180 n/a n/a
Installation 3,000 3,000 3,000 3,000
Total install 6,136 6,384 6,100 6,660
Typical Replacement Frequency in years 15 15 10 25
(based on warranty where available)
Type re-paint re-paint wash wash
Frequency (years) 5 5 5 5
Materials 204 204 - -
Labour 180 180 75 75
Total 384 384 75 75
CPI inflation 4%
Total Cost of Ownership 12,895 13,356 15,171 9,443
in today's dollars, if paid all up front, ex gst

Please treat these figures as illustrative, and remember it's always best to do your own research. 
Having said that, we have sought actual quotes and prices and warranties from publicly available information.  At the time of writing, we feel that this is a reasonable assessment.


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