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This page has a set of handy files to download, to support installation (a fencing install howto), and for technical information related to legal requirements around pool and barrier fencing

ColorScreen (screen) Assembly & Installation

fencing install howto documents for Moduline ColorScreen and any panels with screen infill

Gate Assembly & Installation

fencing install howto documents for all types of Moduline gates 

PoolSide, NatureGuard (bar) Assembly & Installation

fencing install howto documents for Moduline PoolSide, NatureGuard and any panels with bar infill

PoolSide Specification & Producer Statement

Barrier Producer Statements

Barriers use the same general assembly and installation methods as PoolSide, but must be in accordance with the specifications on the relevant producer statement

Concrete Block Wall

Concrete Slab / Wall

In Ground

Timber Pole Retaining Wall

Timber Deck

Durability Certification


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